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"Since coaching with Baeth, I've made MAJOR changes to my business. I've incorporated my Life Purpose into my existing business, making it more innovative and powerful than it ever was before

I send practically everyone I know to Baeth Davis, clients and friends alike. I enthusiastically encourage them to work with her in any capacity they   can.                                                                               It's been a transformation for all my entrepreneur clients. You may be struggling for no good reason, and the answer is right there - in your hands - for you.  Go for it!  It'll change your life the way it did mine!"

- Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne                                       Fredrickson                                       Client Attraction Mentor, Author, Speaker, Stamford, CT

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"Are YOU READY To BE FREE and Unleash Your Life Purpose - Full Out, No Excuses?

When You Know AND CLAIM Your Life Purpose - You Can Get Unstuck, Release Your Fears, Become Unstoppable, Make Lots of Money and Change The Lives of Others - Once And For All. When You Uncover the Gold Mine of Rich Treasure That Lives in the Palms of Your Hands, You Will Become the Golden Nugget That Causes Ripples of Transformation Across a Vast, Vast Ocean."                                                          

With Your Unique, Authentic, Life-Purpose-Centered Business-That is BOTH PROFITABLE and PURPOSEFUL-You Become The Woman You've Always Wanted to BE.

Sometimes your dream feels far away or scary, right? Or you simply KNOW there is so much more to life. You know you WANT a successful business that is a reflection and EXPRESSION of your Life Purpose, but you're too afraid to dream. Maybe you're afraid to raise your rates or you simply don't know whom you should be serving or what your customers and clients want.

Imagine if the answers to these questions - and so many more - were, quite literally, in the palms of your hands?

Well, they are! Hand analysis is the 21st-century           incarnation of the art known as "palmistry" or "palm reading" that emerged in India over five thousand years ago combined with the latest scientific understandings about the hands. Hand analysis is NOT predictive, fortune-telling palmistry. I won't tell you how long you'll live or how many children you'll have, but I will reveal the crucial secrets to your business success.

I first developed an interest in hand reading in the seventh grade when I did a report on palmistry in history class. My father encouraged me to further my studies, after he read Cheiro's book on palmistry. He would provide a palm reading at parties and get-togethers for anyone who asked.
Many years passed, and while in the midst of a deep  personal crisis, I rediscovered palmistry, now termed "hand analysis." My life was never the same! I set out to learn everything I could about this breakthrough system so I could help YOU know - without a doubt - your specific Life Purpose and how to turn that into a profitable niche business that not only enriches your bank account but helps YOU get PAID for YOUR PASSIONS.

Hand analysis (non-predictive palm reading) is scientific -  it is repeatable based upon thousands and thousands of conclusive studies. Hand analysis is learn-able - like learning to speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument. This type of palm reading is used with great success around the world by doctors, therapists and coaches to help their clients experience more ease, joy and success in their every day lives.

Isn't it time to discover YOUR Life Purpose and finally reap the harvest of your successful, profitable and soul-satisfying business? Are you ready to get started?

First, sign up for my FREE ReportThe Five Massive Mistakes Spiritually-Oriented Women Make in Business (...and how to avoid them!) and my FREE, weekly hand analysis tips. Both will show you how your palms hold the key to your success - no matter who you are or the challenges you may be facing in your life.

Maria Gamb
Change Agent, Coach and Speaker

Baeth, I loved your free, special report on  The 5 Massive Mistakes Spiritually Oriented Women Make in Business  (... and how to avoid them!)" It was truly inspiring to read your information about being a balanced professional who is spiritual AND abundant in all aspects of her life. Bravo, Baeth, for helping women shatter the myth that you must be broke in order to be spiritual! I am honored to have you in my circle of influence!

- Maria Gamb

And as a SPECIAL BONUS for signing up, you'll also receive my FREE one-hour audio interview that explains how the hand analysis system works and what it reveals about YOU. Don't wait! You can have instant access to the FREE tips, FREE report and FREE audio by signing up in the opt-in box above. To go to the opt-in box, click here.


Would You Like To Discover My Favorite Money Secrets — The Ones That Literally Reside In The Palms of Your Hands?

You can, with my UNIQUE CD!

Here is Baeth with Leeza Gibbons, host of “Hollywood Confidential,” showing off her hot mitts!
Baeth Davis is
"The Hand Analyst"
and the owner of The Hand Analyst, Inc.
She helps spirit-rich entrepreneurs discover their Life Purposes and GET PAID FOR THEIR PASSIONS!
She is the recent winner of the 2007-2008 Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketer of the Year award. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women's World and the LA Times and heard on NPR, Radio Europe and BBC-5. She has been seen on network TV and presents her work LIVE nationwide at conferences and healing centers.

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